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FCG Chemical engineers process intensification technology to reduce chemical manufacturing costs.

Our technology improves productivity at multiple points in the production chain, delivering cost savings through - increased reaction rates - reduced solvent usage - higher yields – rapid scale-up – modular production. Additionally, our process technology helps bring sustainable chemistries to market faster and more profitably. FCG’s microwave-driven continuous flow reactors enable these incredible competitive advantages. The combination of microwave heating and continuous manufacturing delivers process intensification in a fraction of typical development times and capital investment costs compared to batch processing.

What you don't know about microwave chemistry is costing you money.

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Any reaction that requires heat is a candidate for microwave. Below are just some of the examples of where microwave chemistry has been demonstrated at lab scale. In each case reactions times were reduced and yields improved.

Applicable Synthetic Processes

  • Acylations (Electrophilic aromatic substitutions)
  • Alkylations
  • Amidations
  • Aminations
  • Claisen rearrangement
  • Condensations
  • De-halogenations
  • Dehydrations
  • Ester hydrolysis
  • Ester saponification
  • Estserifications
  • Modified Skraup Reactions
  • Nucleophilic aromatic substitutions
  • Oxidations
  • Pd-mediated coupling (Suzuki, Heck type)
  • Wolff-Kishner reductions
  • Chlorinations
  • Cyanations
  • 1,2-rearrangements
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Compound Class Produced

  • Acid Chlorides
  • Alkenes
  • Anthraquinones
  • Azaindoles
  • Benzene Derivatives
  • Carboxylic acids
  • Crown ether
  • Ethers
  • Fluoronaphthalenes
  • Imidazo[x,y,z]pyridines
  • Indoles
  • Iridium complexes
  • Isoquinolines
  • Nanoparticles
  • OLED materials
  • Phenanthrolines
  • Phenazines
  • Phenols
  • Polymers
  • Pyridines
  • Pyrrolidines
  • Pyrollo[x,y-z] pyridines
  • Quinazolines
  • Quinolines
  • Stilbenes
  • Thiazoles
  • Thiazolo[x,y-z]pyridines
  • Thieno[pyrimidines]
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